The Leper Colony

Ơ A young man, a beautiful female attorney, the U.S. State Department after the Vietnam war.

Ơ Sharp and cold, she managed her father's immigration law firm. Her marriage to the young man's uncle was in name only. The desire she had for the young man, and the attraction he had for her—singed under their masks.

Ơ The Vietnam war had been long over. The communists won. The Americans, the patriots fled.

Ơ A bleakness held captive the young immigrant without roots. Ơ A misfit taught him the code of ethics.

Ơ A pristine girl taught him the undying love for family and roots. A thread of a poignant love had just been woven.

Ơ A family heaven then turned to hell by political avarice, treachery, and moral corruptness.

Ơ From that backdrop... came a story of damnation...


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