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Dear friends:

The Institute for Vietnamese Culture & Education (IVCE) proudly introduces the 2002 edition of NhipSong Magazine, now available ON-LINE.  NhipSong Magazine is a magazine for overseas Vietnamese published annually.  This latest edition, our best yet, is comprised of informative essays, insightful analyses and other writings of high cultural values.  With the help of competent contributors, many of whom are distinguished scholars and leading professionals, the quality of NhipSong has been consistently improved over the years.  NhipSong aims to promote awareness of Vietnamese culture among overseas Vietnamese of all ages.  It is a tradition every Vietnamese should cherish and embrace.

NhipSong Magazine 2002: http://www.ivce.org/nhipsong7.html

You can also support NhipSong  Magazine ordering a printed version.  The price is $7.00/copy + shipping (1 copy: $2.00; 2-3 copies: $4; >4 copies: $5.00).   If you are interested, we still have copies of 2001 issue ($5/copy), 2000 issue ($3/copy).  Please make your check payable to IVCE and send to:

NhipSong Magazine
31 Timothy Dr
West Hartford, CT 06110