This site is using Unicode standard. If you cannot read Vietnamese characters, do one or both of these steps:
You need to have some (WGL4) fonts that support Unicode standard.  Download the following Times New Roman font from this web site (click on font name below then "Save to disk"): 
Times New Roman (multilingual) version 2.82
After downloading, find the times32.exe file in your hard drive and double-click on this filename to add the font to your system. Please remember the filename and the location where you save the file. You may need to restart Windows after adding font.
or, go to View -> Encoding, select User Defined or Unicode(UTF-8)  [For Netscape 4.7x, go to View -> Character Sets, select Unicode(UTF-8)]
Note: When printing out hard copies of these web pages, the Vietnamese characters may not be printed correctly.
Reason: Your printer normally uses the resident fonts (in the printer) to print.
How to fix: Do one of the following:

HP printer or small printer: use RAW mode
Click Start >> Setting >> Printers >> select the printer to print
Click Properties -> Details -> Spool Setting-> Spool data format:  RAW

Other Printers:
Click Start >> Setting >> Printers >> select the printer to print
Click File >> Properties >> Fonts tab >> Select button "Always use True Type Fontts"
Click File -> Print -> Properties -> Print Text as Graphics 
Save HTML page in your hard disk. Import into Word and print.

Can I read Unicode with Macintosh computers?
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